Ashelin Praxis (nottheaveragekg) wrote,
Ashelin Praxis

1st Command // Forced Entry


[A blatant pause. Silence ensues, and then the sound of 'clanking'. It's plastic and not metal, though.]

Vin? Vin! [Some more clanking. By this point, Ashelin is actually trying to fix her communicator. Except it's not working, so she's going to use the one the ship gave her.] Vin, come in.

[There's a sigh of absolute exasperation.]

Mar damned faulty equipment.
And Mar damn that...

[Her following words are uttered with a growl.]

Jak. This is Jak's doing.
Where in the hell...

[And this is the part where she realizes she's got no eco pistols, nothing to arm herself with.]

No, really.
Tags: #damas, #ganondorf, #jael, #jinx, #maia, #new guy/phoenix, #torn poo, #traitor/jak, #xanxus, fuck my life, get me off the mar damned boat, gonna blast their nuts off, not haven, she does *not* surrender, she says kiss her ass, wtf is this, you're all idiots
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