I'm not your average woman.

Kiss your ass goodbye.

28th Command // Audio :: Common
kiss. my. ass.
There's a reason I don't talk about my younger days.

[There's an incoherent string of words here. Have fun picking out all of the expletives.]

At least the rest of you were sort of "charming".

27th Command // Audio :: Common
sixteen! what the FUCK are you on
You are kidding me.

I've got more important things to do than to be stuck here.
This isn't a part of the Baron's orders. I demand to know who's in charge.

[Younger Ashe is about sixteen and not happy. You can get a glimpse of her very unamused face on the top deck as she tries to figure out why the hell she's on a boat.]

26th Command // Audio :: Common
and one in the groin
You're all so damn stupid.

[Ashelin's tone is very pointed. Lucky for those selected few, she's holding her tongue.]

Torn, we'll have to improvise at this rate. The only time something gets done right is when we do it ourselves.

Mar damn it.

25th Command // Audio :: Common
I like me a hard-working man
[Distractions, go, go, go!]

I don't like roundears as much I like the pointed ones, and this ship has too many roundears.

I think we should do away with them, or do something about those ears of theirs.

So how many of them can we lure into Carnival and leave there?

[Is that... a chuckle? Yeah. A little.]

24th Command // Audio :: Common
stop wasting time; let's go
[Locked to Phoenix // 90% Unhackable]
I've got something to talk to you about.

You know, from one... "noble" to another. Something like that.
[End Lock]

[Ashelin has been rubbing her ears since she got them back. She's much happier being an elf than being a roundear. Sorry, humans with your shortened ears, Ashe just doesn't care for your physique.]

The next time you pull that yakkow shit, Captain Redd, and a damn disappearing act on top of it, I'll forgo civility and attack as many people as necessary to get your attention. I don't like being played with unless it's by my rules. You don't hold my strings and no matter what you might think, you don't control me.

Stop hiding behind your crew of pet animals. I'm ready to take you on.
Anytime now.

[There's a small pause.]

Didn't get a chance to say it before, but thanks, Jak.

23rd Command // Audio :: Common [Closed Commentlog]
it's all HER fault
[Ashelin has a bit of a hangover. Sort of. She's not going to sound really good. She's not very happy right now.

So she's going to go punch trees in the forest. Because that's what Jak does every time he's pissed.

Forest. Deck 3.

[Yes. He's in trouble. Let that be a lesson to people who don't know how to keep their mouths shut.]

22nd Command // Audio :: Common
I'm getting tired of this
[She removes the last of that stupid rainbow colored body hair and she murmurs, not so much into her comm, but more like in the background.]

It's about damn time.

[She briefly pauses and brings her comm in closer, coming in louder than before.]

I want my shit back. If you have anything of mine, just bring it to me. Deck 11. Room 2466.
If you've seen anything of mine, tell me where it is and I'll get it myself.

Ganondorf, don't think this is the end of things.

[ooc: Ashe's punishment is finally over and she'd like her stuff back. She's missing the following: clothing (jacket, pants, belt, have you seen Haven's clothing style?), some armor (claimed), her boots (claimed), and the infamous undergarment of hers (claimed). Help a soldier out.]

21th Command // Audio :: Common
damn those suicide missions
[There's a sound of adjusting, metal against metal, an irritating scraping, before something falls into place.]

Between the tournament and this stupid thing about whatever the hell Valentine's Day is, no one's got a clue what's going on anymore.

[A shuffle comes in, she's further away for a brief moment before coming in bright and clear. Well, not so bright.]

I'm back to the realization this ship full of idiots. Idiots who might respect me, but still idiots.

20th Command // Closed Comment Log
torn - can we leave yet?
[All of this on the ship has been weird enough. She's been somewhat caught up with the Captain's punishments. It's irritating. It's frustrating. It's maddening. Ashelin's not handling it well. Her run in with Phoenix has left her a little on edge, if not a lot. Making fun of Jak has, by now, taken a seat in the back of her mind.

No. She's not really enjoying this anymore.

She hasn't seen Torn since the night he stayed with her. He was blind then. Is he doing better now? She hopes he is. It's sort of sick that she's thinking of anything with hope, though. Ashelin doesn't cling to ideas like that. She still wants to see Torn though, just to make sure he's okay. So she stands at his door, knocks once, presses her ear up against it.

Anybody home?

[ooc: Backdated during the whole punishment thing. After this, though.]

19th Command // Audio :: Common
kiss. my. ass.
[After a night of confusion, anger, and just plain being lost, Ashelin's managed to make it back to her room in one piece, safe and sound, intact, except for pieces in her mind. Damn hallucinations.

Comm clicks on, there's momentary silence save shuffling. Seems Ashelin's fidgeting, or something like it.

There are some days when I remember that I really like this ship a lot more than Haven.

[Ashelin, don't say that. People don't need to hear it.]

Then there are days where it just reminds me of the damned things that I can't stop.

[She growls.]

I'm worried. That's all there is to it. I'm worried and of all the things I can be, I don't want to be that. I don't wear it well, and the last thing I need is a guy on my mind. Or two.

Captain Redd, you've stepped over the line. I'll get you for this and I'll put your damn system to use as many times as necessary if it means I get to kill you with my own hands. This is your form of punishment, right? You can kiss my ass because if you think it's gonna stop me, you don't know who you're dealing with.

[In other words, that's a huge "fuck you," Captain Redd. She clicks off her comm. Ashelin is not a happy Ashelin.]


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