Ashelin Praxis (nottheaveragekg) wrote,
Ashelin Praxis

2nd Command // Aftermaths [Audio]

I appear to still be alive.
There could be worse things.

[Baron Praxis could be aboard.]

The puzzle is completed for the most part.
What's left is just to see the few remaining pieces.

[Locked to Torn // 30% Unhackable]
How are things, soldier?

[/End Lock]

I'll be doing a headcount soon to see how many of you formerly known still remain aboard the vessel. If you can help it, don't do anything stupid. This includes a certain goateed Aeropan and Havenite.

[And as if it's suddenly occured to her...]

Where the hell is that orange rat anyway?
Tags: ashe is feeling generous, captain's in charge now, she does *not* surrender, she says kiss her ass
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